Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hey, everybody!

It's been a busy busy week in Fukuoka!
Sister Andaca got her greenie and I'm with Sister Lane now! Things have just been crazy crazy crazy and we're trying to figure everything out! 
It's been a little hectic cramming all four of us into our teeny tiny apartment, but we're actually moving to a bigger apartment this week, so That's a good thing! But it's also adding a lot of craziness...
Actually, this whole week has been crazy in general. There was a typhoon for the majority of the entire week, so we didn't get much done. Typhoons are crazy. We actually had an appointment scheduled right in the middle of the typhoon, but we really didn't want to cancel it... So we biked for an hour through crazy lightning and the heaviest rain I have ever seen in my life. It was really windy and a little scary... but the appointment went really well! When we finally got home, I was completely soaked and had the chills, but I didn't want to be a wimp about it, so I just went on with things and toughed it out. The next day I had a fever and chills and I was pretty delirious... So I've been recovering. Too much rain isn't good... Yep... so I got soaked and sick, but now I'm all better!
Also this week I found out that I have a cousin in the same area as me! It's so weird! He gave me his family's conversion story to read, but I had never actually read it... so yesterday when I was in bed recovering, I took it out and read it... and then I realized that it was the exact same story I've heard my dad tell a million times... And then I realized that This elders last name was a family name from my dad's side.... So. I freaked out. And told my companions. They didn't believe me though. They thought I was hallucinating and told me to go back to sleep... So it took me like half an hour to convince them that this elder really was like my 3rd cousin! I promise I'm not going crazy! Haha... I have such awesome companions. They were just like "Don't worry, honey... you're not related... it's gonna be ok. Have you drank any water lately?" So funny... But yeah... That was weird. I'm serving in the same area as my cousin at the same exact time!
We also had to divide our investigators this week. It was a crazy spiritual experience. Some things turned out completely different than we originally planned. We now have 7 people each to take care of- much more manageable that doing it all together... So now we're working with Nora (my Peruvian mamma), Yukari (someone we just met on the street), Elsie (a Filipina... which will be a challenge because my Tagalog is still pretty bad too), Christina (my MTC "investigator" who is from Nepal), Mineoi (a crazy lady who is obsessed with Americans and never listens to what we're actually trying to say), and we're also still working with Emiko and a less active named chizuru!
One more thing- basically I just love sister Lane. She's amazing and we've started this new thing where every night we tell each other one thing we love about each other. It's really corny and Sister Andaca always makes fun of us, but it's so sweet! Sister Lane is just the best. She always does the dishes and we always have a fun time. Neither of us are very good at Japanese, but we are trying so hard! She had the coolest revelation this week that we needed to go see this member (who Sister Lane had never met) and read a very specific scripture to her. So we went, and this Sister just started crying. It was exactly what she needed to hear right at that time. I'm so glad I have a companion who pays attention to the spirit. 
That's all for this week!
I still love you all! 
Hope everything is well with you!

Love, Roberts Shimai

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