Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hey, Everybody!

Oh my gosh. Where to start.
This week has been SO good. One of the best of my entire mission- not just because of the investigators, but because I've seen a lot of changes in myself...First of all in my Japanese!
So last week I fasted that my Japanese would improve and it HAS! But not quite in the way I expected...
So I have discovered that one of the reasons I think I have been sent to Japan is so that I can learn that silence is golden. I am by nature a very outspoken person. I say exactly what I think, and sometimes certain things would be better not said! Sometimes I catch myself thinking, "wow... I'm so glad I'm in Japan and I can say whatever I want and no one can understand me..." I realized how bad that is. No matter where I am I am a representative of this church and of Jesus Christ... and I decided that I want my voice to be one of kindness and happiness no matter what country I'm in!
So this week I made 3 goals!
1. Not say the words 'crap', 'freakin' or 'hate'
2. To not say anything mean or negative.
3. To not be sarcastic!
It's been the craziest thing, as I've worked on these goals, my JAPANESE has improved RAPIDLY. It's just so crazy! I think Heavenly Father is seeing my efforts to improve my speech and he's deciding that it's the right time for me to learn to speak my mission language! It's CRAZY! And I'm so grateful...
Also this week we met an Italian who has become out new investigator! His name is Amadeo... He said that he died and went to heaven and that he met God and God is black... Yep... so we’re teaching him... Sometimes he'll just go into Italian because I will usually understand what he's trying to say, but it's just so difficult! I haven't spoken Italian very well in SO long! So in addition to my Japanese study I also read the Book of Mormon in Italian... and I study Tagalog... because we're still teaching that crazy Filipina =) Having a background in Italian helps with that too... I usually understand what she's trying to tell me, but I can't speak Tagalog very well yet, so... I'm trying to study!
Also this week I ate some really weird food. Pretty sure I ate snails... and squid tentacles...
it was gross...
Other than that though, life is good! I just love being with sister Lane. I love her kindness and her cute little spirit. I love hearing her sweet little singing voice around the apartment. She's a darling...
I just love being a missionary. I've learned so much about God... I know sometimes we think we don't need Him, or we're better off without Him... but I can honestly say that through learning to rely on Him I've become humbled and a better person. I am nothing compared to Him... but I want so badly to be like Him someday. I want to create beautiful things and have power and wisdom... but I can't do it without Him! I have to trust Him and let Him teach me how! I have tried for years to fix my little vices but just in a week I have improved so much. and you know why? Because I have relied on the Lord. He is helping me all the way. I can't do it alone, so I don't try! And I am so much better off... Everything is just getting better. 
Life is good my friends, life is good.
Love you all!

Roberts Shimai!

Us at a dinner last night

Us at a dinner a while ago...

I convinced sister Lane to buy crocs also. I got 22 bug bites on my left foot and 15 on my right.

Look what we did to Sister Andaca and Sister Bush!

Also we made sushi. Look how tan I am...

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