Sunday, September 29, 2013

A third of the way through my mission

So this week... was pretty much the same as all the others!
Which is good! My mission is awesome!
But... the most important thing that happened this week was a little adventure that Sister Lane and I had this week. =)
We were feeling a little worn down because we had Zone Conference, which always gives us plenty to do... and I guess Sister Lane got this brilliant idea to pray for something funny to happen! Oh boy, did it ever...
The next day we were planning on visiting a less active member, whose house we had never actually been to before. 
First of all... The street system in Japan is SO confusing. There are no street names- just block numbers, which are painted on these minuscule little signs and you have to drive around the whole block to find it!
So... it happened to be Sister Lane's day to navigate... and I was kind of hesitant because I didn't know if she knew how to read the map...
So, I just followed her, and before I knew it, we were riding up the side of a mountain! So I just went with it and followed her. Eventually we found the right block- number 17, but the only entrance to it was by stairs... so we walked our bikes up about 100 stairs and when we got to the very top, we realized that it was in fact block number 17, but she had lead us to the wrong number 17! 
So we were exhausted and a little put out that we were on the top of a mountain and the right house is no where to be seen, so I get off my bike to go give a lady a flier and all the sudden I hear a spat. I turn around and a bird has just flown by and pooped on my bike seat! Great... but sister Lane thought it was hilarious.
After the lady rejected the flier, I start hearing this loud meowing... So I look around and see this lady carrying a cat into our house, so I try again to make an attempt so I can give her the flier and I just say, "OH!!!!! NECCO DAI SKII!" Which means, "I love cats!!!!!!!!!" So she turns around and she is holding the fattest cat I have ever seen in my life! So we got pictures with the cat... it was HUGE...
Anyway... it was quite the adventure and afterwards sister Lane and I just looked at each other and laughed =) So her prayer was answered =) Very funny. We plan on visiting the correct house tomorrow =)
Also this week about a hundred people (ok, maybe not that many) have stopped me on the street to tell me that I look like a movie star... so that's been kind of awesome...
Anyway... Japan is always an adventure. So much fun, and I just love the work =)
That's all for now!


# A third of the way through my mission... and it's still the best decision I've ever made! Where is the time going?

Sister Roberts and Sister Lane with matching scarves

The littlest door I have ever seen

Doing origami with Less Actives and Zone Leaders!

I made sushi!

The endless staircase


bird poop

fat cat

fat cat lady 

Emiko's toilet- Japanese toilets are strange...

The underground world

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