Sunday, September 15, 2013


Oh hello, everyone!
This week has been scattered and crazy!
We moved into a new apartment this week! It's wonderful because we actually have room for everyone in it now! Sister Andaca doesn't have to sleep on the floor anymore!
It's way funny, no members showed up to help us move, so we had to do it with just us and the elders. We also had a lot of teaching appointments that day, so when we came home, the elders were still in our apartment unloading all our stuff in their pajamas, listening to Taylor Swift! Those big sweethearts. We really couldn't have done it without them.
Also, this week, something exciting happened.
I have developed a love for the Book of Mormon. Sometimes I just sit there reading and I just think to myself, "There is no way that this was written my any man unless they were inspired by God..." And now I'm almost through with 2nd Nephi, and I'm loving every bit of it! 
Confession... I have never read the Book of Mormon all the way through... But I have a goal to do it, and let me tell you, when I made that goal, I had no idea how much it would bless my life. I am finishing strong. I am being fed by living waters and the bread of life.
Anyway... not much else to say!
The gospel is true! The Book of Mormon is True!-no matter what language it's in- IT'S ALL TRUE!
Love you all.
Have a great week.



This week's tender mercy- Sister しぎはら brought me some macaroni. from COSTCO!

Sending multi-lingual texts...

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