Monday, August 26, 2013

Hey, everyone!

Hey, everyone!
Wow... what a week.
First of all... I'm being made a trainer! To Sister Lane!... which is crazy. I officially have senior companionship over the biggest area in the mission... I'm in bigtime shock, and I'm so surprised that President G is doing this to us, but he must trust us a whole lot, cause we're both brand new and have noooo idea what we're doing! I feel completely stripped of all pride. It's not very common for this to happen. Not very common at all... Pray for me. I don't know what's going to happen. I just finished my own training with Sister Andaca and now I have to train Sister Lane! What!? Well... We'll see what happens! 
Usually the experienced missionaries are put in Fukuoka city... I don't know why I'm the senior here right now, but hey- The Lord knows why, so I'll just trust!
This week was SUPER busy. Packed full with appointments. On Saturday we had 3 meal appointments in one day- a lunch and 2 dinners. We have too many investigators to handle! It's crazy!
Also, one of the members made me tacos this week =) I was so grateful. It's been way too long since I've eaten Mexican food... The member said that she heard that I liked tacos and she wanted to make me some, but at first she had planned on making octopus (since the Japanese work for octopus is 'taco'). Crazy, right? But I lucked out. Tacos are awesome.
Haha also this week I gave sister Andaca a haircut. It looked so good that word spread and before I knew it our mission presidents wife came up to me and said "so... I hear you give haircuts"... my brain went "oh NO!" and I quickly just said, "yeah! I guess I do!" And ran away. Haha... I never want to have the opportunity to butcher our president's wife's hair! Scary... 
But yeah... overall this was a good week...
Nothing to complain about! 
Love you all! Have an awesome week!

Roberts Shimai!

Hey, everyone! 
Sorry! One last thing! I just found out that Fukuoka is becoming a 4-sister area! Yaaaaaaay!!!!!!! Sister Andaca is staying!!!!!!!!!! I'm still training, but I'm not all alone!!!!!!!!!
Now I won't constantly be dying because I'm racing from place to place in a rush all the time! I'm actually going to be able to sleep at night! Yaaaaaaaaay!
Good things good things....
Ok. bye for now.

Me biking through the mountains

Beautiful flowers up in the mountains 

Me teaching baby ekaiwa (English class)

Our class =)

This is Haruhito, my favorite baby. Big fat marshmallow. 


Me teaching beginners ekaiwa. Lots of fun.

Had dinner at the Fukuyama Family's house and got to play with Haruhito, my favorite =)

This week was full of lightning and thunder storms. LOTS of rain. So we got to wear our matching rain suits =)

These are 2 of our investigators. Yukari and Akemい。

This is a grasshopper... That I'm about to eat. 

And a snail... They have HUGE snails here.

This is what a rice paddy looks like. 
And this is what I look like at a rice paddy. Haha

Us at one of the many many rice paddies.

Us at the rice paddy =)

us eating dinner at a park

Us on a slide =)

us playing around with dry ice

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