Sunday, August 4, 2013

#Month 3 in Japan- get ready! Here I come!

 Well... what's new, what's new...
This is the week of many many Japanese festivals! So, it's been absolutely fabulous opportunities to take our investigators places and talk about the gospel! It's also great for finding people! We found like a ton of new potential investigators this week! Yaaaay!
As always, you can have trusted me to get in a few more bike accidents this week. This week Sister Lane was biking behind me and very sweetly pointed out that the back of my legs are entirely bruised! I'm also getting a ton of scars on the fronts of my shins from how many times I wreck and hit my shins against my bike pedals!
But it's all good... What's life without a few scars here and there!? But one good thing is that my broken hand is finally healed! I can actually work my brakes properly with my good hand, so maybe I'll get in less accidents!
Other than that.... not else happened this week! Since Emiko is baptized, we have a lot more time to work on other people!
I've been trying, as ever to become more Christ-like and less of myself... So far I feel like I'm getting no where, but I'll give myself a break because  I mean... no one can become like Jesus Christ in one day! But... I do see little improvements here and there, and sometimes I think, "wow... I've come so far"... but there's still always a long way to go... I just love the Savior so much I just want to be more and more like Him every day...
I hope everyone back home is well!
Love always,
Roberts shimai! (wow... I just almost forgot how to spell my own name in

#Month 3 in Japan- get ready! Here I come!

All of us at the giant lotus fields!

Maii, her mom (both investigators), and me!

Maii and her mom dressing me in a kimono- we went to the firework festival this week together and we all wore Maii's kimonos!

The cool obi bow Maii tied!

Miserable wooden shoes I had to walk miles in all over the city with half of my foot hanging off!

All of us at Maii's house!

Fukuoka view from Maii's apartment
In the subway 

Fukuoka castle- this is where we went to watch the fireworks!

Japanese fireworks! So beautiful. I actually enjoyed them!

Japanese fireworks

In the subway with Maii  

Japanese subway- on a NOT busy day

I'm learning to write kanji!

We went and did a cultural dancing display at another festival with all these old ladies. So fun. Emiko introduced us to all of them. When we got to the place, we thought we were going to be able to put the kimonos on... but we got there and about 5 old ladies surrounded each of us, stripped us down to our underclothing, and dressed us culturally in these elaborate 10-piece kimonos. The ones we wore with Maii were only 3 pieces. I felt like Mulan! It was so embarassing though! They put us in these kimonos that were so tight we could hardly breathe! So fun though... and then we got to go to the festival and do Japanese geisha folk dancing!

More miserable shoes. I guess if you include these in the count that makes it a 12-piece kimono, with the traditional socks and shoes...

Us being weirdos at the festival =)
Some of our old lady friends 

Japanese drumming- SO COOL!

Me biking home in the kimono!

I gave sister Andaca a haircut last night. She's wearing my rain pancho. Haha...

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