Monday, August 19, 2013

Hey everyone!

Wow. Another week in Japan.
How's it going?
I'm fine...
This week was really hard. A lot of work and a lot of stress... but not a whole lot of sleep.
But... One of our investigators just agreed to a baptismal date! We've only been seeing her for a week, but she's ready! And... the miracles of my fast are continuing!!! We found 2 new investigators on the street this week! Miracles, miracles...
Our investigator with the baptismal date is Koko. She's half Japanese and her dad is from Ghana. She's the cutest little 15 year old black Japanese girl I've ever seen! I just adore her... It was kind of funny- she just walked into the church and said, "I'm looking for a church! Teach me!"... in Japanese of course... So we began teaching! This girl has so much faith. More that I ever had at her age. She just knows it's true! She feels it in her heart- sometimes so strongly that she cries right in the middle of our lessons! She really believes it! She's so pure... It's crazy. She ran away from home and is now living with her grandparents, just because her parents wouldn't allow her to go to any church. She's like a pioneer! Her grandparents are actually her legal guardians... or at least I think they are... hmm... we'll see. 
Anyway, when we were trying to figure out a baptismal date for Koko, we were praying... and we got the strongest feeling that she should be baptized on the 7th of September... so we went over to the calendar to schedule it, and the most hilarious thing happened. So... we have this Greg Olson calendar full of pictures of the Savior... and when we went to flip the page to write the date down, we all freaked out! There on the page was a picture of Jesus walking and holding the hand of a little African girl! It was so perfect! We all freaked out! Sister Lane yelled out, "It's prophesy!!!!!" It was so funny. All the puzzle pieces are falling into place just perfectly for her. She's waited in the dark so long... It's just so wonderful to see the light coming into her eyes and to see her repenting and changing. just so so so amazing... love that girl.
Also today I got a huge tender mercy. I was at the beach today... I only slept 2 hours last night and I was tired and hot... I walked down to the ocean and just looked at the waves, when all the sudden I saw something beautiful floating towards me! I watched it until it was close enough that I could grab it... and what do you know!? It was a grapefruit! And you know... I LOVE grapefruits. It was such a tender mercy. I just peeled it right there and ate it. Fruit is so expensive here. We don't often get to eat it. This week was really hard... like I imagine boot camp would be; lots of grueling bike trips, lots pf people yelling at me, and all in the heat of the 100 degree sun... I thought it was so amazing that Heavenly Father knew exactly what I needed in the low time to cheer me right up =)
Overall, I'd say that the good overwhelmed the bad this week. This week was very stressful and hard, but so many tender mercies and miracles happened too. I love the work.
Next week is transfers! I wonder what will happen! I'd love it if I stayed and I'd be fine if I left, but keep me in your prayers! I'll be so sad if I have to leave my favorite little Ghana-girl. I just love the people here. Fukuoka is the place to be =)
Love you all! I pray for you!
Have a lovely week!
Roberts shimai!

This is Koko. She's half Japanese. Her dad is from Ghanna. She's 16 this month. Such a sweetheart.

Here's the picture that goes with that story I just told about us praying for Koko =)

This is Elsie and her daughter Kasumi- 2 of our investigators. They're Filipinas

Me and Nimbus! 

We handed out 6 Book of Mormons last night in 1 and a half hours. Go us!

This is Yukari, on of our other investigators that we found of the street this week!

Today was zone p-day. We went to the beach... This is Sister Williams from Fujisaki. We went down to the water and all the sudden this fruit came on the waves and floated to us! It was delicious. Such a tender mercy. The beach was refreshing.

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