Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hey, everybody!

 Well hello...
What's new?...
Oh yeah... WE HAD A BAPTISM THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!! The baptism of Emiko Oota =) She's a crazy sweet old granny and I just love her to death. It's amazing the changes that we've seen in her since she's come into the church...
I remember the day I first found her. It was the most discouraging day... I was on splits with sister Andaca and I was with a native Japanese who I couldn't even communicate with. The only English she knew was, "Do you have boyfriend?"... which turned out rather disappointing on her end... Haha... because the answer was a big NO. Anyway... We were at English class and I was discouraged... and Emiko just comes up to me and is like, "I want to take you to my childrens English class so they can meet native speakers!" So I was like..."ok... Have you ever heard about the Book of Mormon? (no...) Sweet! We'll talk about that on the way!" So I scheduled the appointment...
That was about 3 weeks ago. Just in the last 3 weeks we have seen her come closer to God, become happier in general, and find a place where she feels like she really belongs! Before, she kind of felt really alone and reserved, but now she's giddy and happy and she is so excited to be a member of the church! 
She's the sweetest person... She used to call me "Robatsu Shimai-sama"... which in English is like calling me "Her royal highness, Sister Roberts". She thinks my companions and I are angels. She's hilarious... It took weeks to get her to just call us "Shimai". So funny... We just love her to death.
Finding her was a real miracle. It's just so funny how I was having the worst day ever and Heavenly Father sends this crazy old lady to me and says- "baptize her!" What a blessing.
What else is new... 
Oh, yeah... I'm still co-training. It's hard work... But it's so fun because sister Lane is wonderful! And I'm so glad she's American. I'm starting to loose this strange Filipino-Japanese-Australian accent I've picked up! Yaaaaay!
Other than that, not a whole lot is new, other than I'm coming closer to God all the time and just loving life as a missionary!
Love you all!

~ロバーツ 姉妹

Emiko's baptism pushed through! She's so happy! 

These are all except 2 of the Fukuoka missionaries at Emiko's baptism... and some random girl.

Cleaning the Baptismal font. So much fun!

We all wore matching outfits this day =)  

A crowd of Japanese schoolgirls stopped me on the street and told me I was beautiful and that they wanted a picture with me...  They were so funny! All these Japanese people tell me that I look like a doll. So funny.

Us with our bikes.

Me and my bike.

This is an "Ameriken restaurant" Haha... too good to be true!

This is our seriously weird tri-panionship... posing like the kids on this wall.

This is a Japanese cricket... They are SO LOUD. I picked this one up to get a picture with it... I kind of freaked out a little bit... 

Oh, and this is Fukuoka zone from last transfer.This transfer Burgon shimai is in my zone, so I get to see her every week! Yaaaaay! We were eating Nepalese food this day. It's big down here...

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