Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Minasan, Konichiwa!

 Oh Hello!
Sorry for the late delivery... You see, it's transfer week and so our P-day got changed to Tuesday... 
Speaking of transfers- I'm becoming a trainer this transfer! It's a little scary... I've only been here for 6 weeks... Actually, Andaca Shimai and I are going to be co-trainers. We're being turned into a tri-panionship, which I totally am going to looooove! Hmm.... who will be the next lucky person to come to Fukuoka?... The only problem is that our apartment is about the size of a shoebox... Maybe even smaller than my parents' living room... so we're trying so hard right now to make space and prepare everything for the new 'green-bean'!
Oh, yeah! Exciting news!- ONE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a miracle! Emiko Oota san! Whoohoo! One down, 7 more to go! =) It's truly a miracle... I have been really blessed to be able to see a baptismal commitment with a date on my first transfer... I hope everything falls into place and she doesn't back out last minute... She's an old lady... sometimes old Japanese people do really weird things... But Yeah, baptism! Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!
Also, the strangest thing happened this week... My Japanese started getting better... I can actually teach half of the lessons and pull my own share now! It's a miracle! God is definitely watching over me. How else could it go from being sooooooo bad to all the sudden getting so much better!?
Thank you for all the prayers!... and please keep them coming... I'm going to be training someone who is just about as new as I am... Whooo! This is the life!
Other than that... Not much else is new... 
Your little senkyoshi is working hard!

Roberts Shimai!

Sister Andaca and I bought matching dresses =) And we wear our blue sweaters =)

Sister Andaca and I playing the organ together at a baptismal service! =) She's doing the top 2 sets of keys and I'm doing the foot pedals!

Me teaching English class! And being serenaded by one of my students!

I found our favorite book at one of the member's house while having dinner. I missed my mamma.

Don't mind our messy apartment! We're making room for our new companion! Anyway... We are planning to convince all the new missionaries on Wednesday that they must match their companions at all times! Haha... So this is what we're going to wear when we meet them all! 

This is what missionary parking looks like... with me in the very back! Haha

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