Saturday, April 27, 2013

Half way done in the MTC! Japan in no time =)

So... P-day is changing to Saturday, so I got to email you all today!!!
Hey everybody!
So... yet again, it has been an eventful week...
Particularly last night.
So here's the scoop-
Last night my companion, Sister Smotherman got really sick. She has a wheat allergy and we weren't sure whether she was having a reaction to something she accidentally ate or not... but she was shaking and dizzy and naucious. So... we went to the E.R. It was like an adventure to the real world!... you know... that place where TVs and Radios are on in the waiting rooms?... After being in the MTC for so long it felt like Sodom and Gammorah! Haha... But anyway... We got to the E.R. and while she was getting checked in, something really cool happened to me. I was sitting next to a couple crack heads, just doing my Rubik's cube, and they started up a conversation! and, as you might guess... me being a missionary and such... our conversation got on the topic of the gospel! So here I am at 11:00 at night sitting in an E.R. waiting room talking about the gospel! It was SO strange. These people breached every single topic that could have made me extremely uncomfortable...but for some reason, I was able to calmly and lovingly respond with a comforting gospel doctrine each time! It was crazy! And they were genuinely curious!
After a while... I noticed the waiting room had gotten extremely quiet... I don't know if you have ever been in an E.R. on a Friday night, but let me tell you... they are NOT quiet places. So, I looked around and everyone was looking at me! It kind of took me off gaurd because I had been so absorbed in conversation with this man! We had actually been enjoying each others' company! It was surprising! You couldn't have found 2 more different people in that room! But we were talking! I had come to love him in that half hour and I sincerely cared about sharing a message with him that would bring him comfort! Because he is a child of God. True, right now he probably doesn't remember anything we talked about last night, but I know that for some reason I was supposed to say all these things! Maybe it was for the benefit of someone else listening! Because aparently... they ALL were listening! When I looked away from the man and saw everyone's eyes on me, I was so surprised! Even the receptionist!
After getting home around 2 in the morning, I had a chance to think back on the situation...Smotherman-shimai was ok, but It still puzzled me why everyone was staring...
A few ideas came to mind...
First of all... What kind of 19-year-old girl spends her Friday nights wearing a name badge and preaching the gospel in the E.R.!? I can tell you, even in Provo it might have seemed a little strange... It reminded me of that story in the Luke 2 when the 12-year old Jesus goes and preaches to the doctors and they were astonished. Yes... it's true- I'm young, and I don't know everything, and I'm certainly not the Savior, but there is an important fact- The gospel brings people together. This gospel message is astonishing. It's beautiful and peaceful. Even in a hectic E.R. full of screaming babies, stressed-out people, and crack-heads, the sweet and clear voice of the spirit can pierce through it all! That room became completely quiet! It was astounding. I don't know... Maybe they all needed to hear a message of peace that night. Maybe I was just an inspired tool to help someone and bring comfort before they faced their own challenges that night... I will never know, but I do know that this gospel is wonderful.
It was wonderful enough to inspire me to give up a year and a half of my life to go teach it half way accross the world in Japan!
The Savior said that it is the sick who need a doctor... It might have seemed strange that I was so easily conversing with an addict, but the thing is... even though he looked scary and vicious, he needed me that night! Even though he would never be caught dead in a church, we are all sinners and all just as worthy to hear the gospel of Christ!
I'm not even out of the MTC yet, but I already love being a missionary. I love representing our Savior and following in His footsteps. I want to be a window to His love and I want all who hear me to hear His voice instead of mine.
Brothers and sisters, this is a beautiful work. I'm so grateful to be a part of it.
Have a glorious week =)

#Half way done in the MTC! Japan in no time =)

P.S. Not quite as profound... but I do have one more quick thing to say...
The other day I was at luch and I ended up sitting next to this Japanese elder from Tokyo who is going to France on his mission but speaks English too! It was so crazy... We had this totally awesome multi-lingual conversation! We jumped back and forth with French and Japanese with a few english words here and there. My district thought it was the strangest thing they had ever heard or seen! It was so cool... I'm telling you, being fluent in 3 languages is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!!! But... that's it for now!
Love you all!!!!!!!!! =)

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