Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 3 - Met Elder Richard G. Scott!!!!!

Hello everyone!!!!!!
Wow, well week 3 has been much MUCH crazier than ANYTHING in the past...

First of all, a week ago I was sitting in devotional, and no big deal... in walks Elder RICHARD G. SCOTT! The MTC is the most star-studded place I have ever been! I have seen like half of the missionaries from 'the district', a kid from one of the Mormon Messages, quite a few general authorities including the new YW general president and now Richard G. Scott! It's so wonderful. He spoke to us and I was only 20 feet away from him! I was right behind the teleprompter so the entire time it looked like he was speaking directly to me! Then, he gave us all an apostolic blessing specifically for language learners! He told us that he knew Jesus Christ... like personally! It was so crazy!

Also this week, we lost one of the elders in our district... The really cute one who looked like superman. He left because he didn't have a testimony. This resulted in my first tearful breakdown in the MTC. It was one of the saddest moments of my life. It's funny how close you can get to a person after 3 weeks. I never really knew why a testimony was so important until that day. The MTC isn't for whimps, folks. This is a huge test of character. Looking from the inside out, I have total sympathy, but I know how hard it is going to be for Elder Strong to go back home and have everyone judge him... especially since he lives in the same home ward as our prophget and Elder Holland. Poor guy. We really miss him a lot. He would have been such a good missionary, but I do at least admire his integrity for not wanting to preach words that mean nothing to him. It would only make him bitter...

Japanese is getting easier and easier! I can teach the firast and second lessons now! I can also sing hymns and pray and bear my testimony! It's so wonderful. When Richard G. Scott blessed us, I seriously learned Japanese in my sleep or something because I can understand almost everything that's going on now! Those apostles weild the power of God like crazy. I feel so blessed to have been there when he blessed us.

Also this week I learned the Australian national anthem!... and their 5 states and 2 territories... and all their capitol cities. Also... all the major landmarks! These Australians all really like me for some reason. They have decided to adopt me and teach me everything they know! Kind of random but really cool...

I also pulled an awesome stunt where I switched all of the sisters' name tags in my district without anyone noticing... That was pretty much the highlight of my week- the ninja name-tag switch.

Things are as busy as ever. I miss you all and I pray for your well being every day. The MTC is great!

Nothing else to report!
#Met Elder Richard G. Scott!!!!!

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