Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's a party in the MTC =)

Dear Everyone,
Well... what's new, what's new...
Japanese is getting easier! I am so greatful to everyone who has been praying for me =)... which has been obvious to me that some of you have been... because it wouldn't be this easy if I were just on my own...
I still do get a little homesick to speak French, and it kind of freaks everyone out when I go up to the French missionaries and start speaking to them. The first thing they do is look at my nametag and see that it's got Japanese on it... They they proceed to get even more freaked out! It's funny though... Being bilingual has it's advantages.
All the Native Japanese missionaries are SOOOOO funny! They take pictures of EVERYTHING! And they run everywhere... They're always in a hurry... They're so cute. They all wear little masks when they get sick. They like speaking English too... which is great for me!
The MTC is just sooooo great. Being a missionary is awesome. Not easy... but awesome. We get no sleep, but whatever! It's like a big party!!!!
It's so spiritual here. The Holy Ghost is everywhere! Even when I'm doing boring stuff, it's just so fun because the Spirit makes it fun!... if that even made any sense...
Keep the Dear Elders coming! I love hearing from everyone!
Wish I had more time to report... but I don't... and I don't have much more to say anyway!
Love you all though! Pictures will come soon!... When I figure out how to do it...
#It's a party in the MTC =)

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