Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sooooooo many good things going on in the MTC...

Wow, Konichiwa, everyone!!!!!
It seems like every time I write, my life gets crazier and crazier!
So, I'll start with the craziest item first-
My companion left.... It was on "medical leave" but there was a lot more too it than that... She may be coming back in 6 or so months, but for now it's sayonara...I won't go into depth, but all I will say is that some people just aren't quite ready... I was sad to see her go, but a lot of surprise blessings have come of it! For example, I am now in the most legit tri-panionship of all time with Sister Bugron and Sister Johnson! They are just so wonderful. I haven't been as happy as I am now in a long time =) and It's all because of them and their radiant personalities and glorious spirits. I love them so much. We are like sisters. Oh wait... I guess we are! Well... Sisters in all but blood! They're fabulous!
Ther elders might be getrting a little sick of us, simply because we are so happy to be together! The Australian elders say that we are like "sugar-hyped troll babies"... =) If only they knew! Muahahahaha!!!!!
Now our district is a district of 8... We're so small... And we're dropping like flies! But don't worry =) I'm not leaving! But... a couple more elders might leave too... The MTC isn't for the weak of testimony... but it is sad to see the ones you love leave...
I am still loving being a missionary! It's nothing like I expected! It's so much better =)
Let's see, what else... oh yeah! A couple weeks ago, one of the Australian elders in our district and I started a Sunday tradition! We call it our "Accent Fast!" It is when for an entire day the two of us switch accents! It's great fun =) The only problem is, I'm beginning to forget all the people I've convinced that I'm Australian!... It's even worse when I forget about the Australians I've convinced that I'm Australian! Haha... Oh well! =) So, That will happen again tomorrow, as always =)
Also, yesterday our district did an "English Fast"... In honor of being here for a month! The idea was that because we weren't allowed to speak English, we would speak Japanese all day... But rather than that... I just spoke a little Japanese and a lot of French!... Mostly with the teachers, because the French Elders and Sisters have no idea what they're doing =) Just like me! =) So, I stick to the natives and the teachers. It's lots of fun... So yeah, the Japanese day was kind of a fail, but Japanese is still coming along really well! I'm learning lots about the gospel and not much else! But it's perfect! That's what I'm here for =)
Last week at Relief Society, Sister Oscarson, the new Young Womens general president spoke to us. You can tell she's new because she's so nervous! =) She's so fabulous though! She told us that speaking to us was her very first assignment since being called! We are so priveleged to be able to hear from these wonderful general authorities. Rumor has it that Elder Holland is coming some time soon =)
This week was filled with so many tendrer mercies. So many of my friends have entered the MTC. It's so wonderful to see familiar faces. I have also Learned to do the Rubiks cobe in a little under 3 minutes! Not that impressive... but better than before!
Yesterday my district spent a few minutes throwing a paper airplane around to each other. The airplane said "ai shitemas" on the wing, which means I love you in Japanese. Sometimes the simplest things make us so happy here in the MTC. We just sat in our desks "spreading love!"
Oh man... Being a missionary is just the greatest thing in the whole world... I had no idea that I would love it so much. A couple days ago me and the tri-pan cleaned showers in the residence hall! We got to power spray and clean hairballs out of the drains! It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!! Who knew... =) Cleaning showers is now our favorite activity! Wow... That's pretty weird, but honestly! It's so fun! And I can't even explain why! Maybe it's because the spirit is with us!
Sorry for all the scattered thoughts! I love you all so much! That's it for now!
Roberts Shimai
#Sooooooo many good things going on in the MTC...

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