Saturday, May 11, 2013

Aishitemasu! Love you all!

Hello, everybody!
It seems like my life gets crazier every time I check in!
So... in our district we have this joke about Fridays... Because every other Friday we lose someone in our district! The first time it was Strong-choro, the next week it was Smotherman-shimai! So... this Friday, something crazy happened... I got a companion! We didn't lose someone- we added someone! Her name is Sister Biddle and she's AUSTRALIAN!!!!!!!!!!! The best thing that could have ever happened to me!!!!!!!! I love these Australians... So many of them are going to Japan. But anyway... so we moved a new desk back into our room! Then... we found out... Sister Biddle wasn't actually going to be my companion...She got fast-tracked and got put with Sister Vincent in another district... =( So... We had to move the desk back out. It was really sad... So once again on the 2nd Friday, we lost someone! Our 2nd Fridays are so cursed... But it's ok because I LOVE my tri-pan and now that means we still only have three sisters in our bedroom! Shhhhhhh..... don't tell anyone! All the other rooms have six sisters!
Also, I got a letter from my friend in Japan, who left a few weeks ago! It was lovely. He is serving in Kyoto! He says that so many wonderful things are going on over there and that he already has 3 committed for baptism! I can't wait to get over there =) Only 3 more weeks in the MTC! I hope I am as successful as he is!
Also... a few more exciting things happened this week. Firstly- my teacher bought us all chopsticks!!!!!!!!!!!!! So this week I've been totally committed to not using any silverware at all! Chopsticks are great. Mine are hot pink!!!!!!! It's funny how well our teachers get to know us. How else would she know that hot pink is the only color for me!? Also, our schedule got changed. So now we eat breakfast at 6:45, lunch at 11, and dinner at 4. So... that means that by 8:00 (which is around the time we used to have dinner), we're STARVING!!!!!!! So yesterday... I decided to smuggle some food out of the cafeteria... in my scarf! Scarves are so marvelous. You can hide anything in them and no one will notice! So yesterday, I smuggled a banana and a bag of cheetos! And the funny thing is- no one noticed! I was wearing a huge bright orange scarf... and still... no one noticed! So... around 8:00 I ate the bag or cheetos... but I ended up being too full to eat the banana. So... what did I do? Prepare yourselves........... I wrote "ai shitemasu" (I love you) on the banana and handed it off to one of my Australians. This resulted in a immediate fame of the "Love Banana"... Everyone was trying to figure out where the banana came from! But... I did not say one word! Little did they all know that I had transported the banana out of the cafeteria in my scarf! Hahaha... Oh my goodness. It's so funny how the stupidest things are just so funny in the MTC. We're all going crazy!!!!!!!
I have also discovered that Japanese people can't say "Roberts-shimai..." what they do call me though... is "Robots-shimai!" It's so funny. Everyone in the Japanese hall makes fun of me and walks around like a robot calling me "Robots-shimai!" I have definitely become infamous throughout the building with my robotic last name... It's wonderful though =)
Also this week I wrote a duet and piano accompaniment for the song Take Time to be Holy and me and a couple of my district friends are going to perform it  with me hopefully sometime soon in devotional or something! I will be singing with my friend Downing-choro and one of my companions, Johnson-shimai will be playing for us! We are going to audition on Thursday! It will be lots of fun =)
One last thing! I found a cure for forgetting French and Italian! It can be so hard to keep up on all the languages I speak, especially with trying to learn this new one! So- I found the solution! I can read profiled in French and Italian AND Japanese, and it keeps me up to speed, so I don't forget anything! Man... Sometimes being multilingual is the coolest thing EVER!!!!!!!!! So that made me really happy this week =)
Sorry I don't have anything really profound to say this week... I'll try harder next time!
Aishitemasu! Love you all!

    The district and the shimaitachi
   Smotherman- brown hair, Johnson- glasses, Burgan- super blonde

    Pretty flowers at the MTC!

   Arigatogozaimasu for the Rubiks cube!

    My Room!

    Regular class activity!

    Necktie/scarf switch with Mahler choro!

    This morning posing with a statue!

    Today at the temple!

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