Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hello, Everyone!

Oh, hello!!!!!
So this week has actually been relatively normal!
Not a whole lot new except for the fact that I get my flight itinerary this week!!!!! AHHHHHH! I'm leaving to live in a foreign country in 2 weeks!!!!! Crazy!
But, some SUPER exciting things did happen!!!!!
First of all, this past Sunday, Janice Kapp Perry came and spoke to us at relief society! It was the coolest thing! She has always been one of my heroes. During her talk, she announced that she had written a song for us and we would be the first ones ever to sing it! It was the most amazing thing. She said that she will be releasing a CD specifically for sister missionaries and that that song will be on it! It is called The Sisters of Zion. It was such an amazing thing to see her.
Also, this past Tuesday, Russell M. Nelson came and spoke to us!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH! He is such a darling old man. You know what's funny? The apostles are sooo different in real life! They actually joke around! Richard G. Scott wasn't so much like that, but Elder Nelson definitely was! Sometimes I get to watch previous MTC devotional recordings. It's just hilarious to see the apostles in a more relaxed setting!
Elder Nelson told us some pretty valuable things. He told us to shape up! He also said, "I just pounded the pulpit in front of the entire world and told them that all they need to do is talk to you!!!" It was so funny. Everyone laughed. And he did too! Have you ever heard an apostle laugh? It is so funny! You just don't expect them to do it!
Ironically, the only culture specific thing he mentioned in his talk was about Japan!!! It was something about the ward members there... it kind of made me wonder if he was the one who assigned my call... Interesting thought...
Another thing he told us to do is to study the topical guide- specifically the "Jesus Christ" section. He promised that if we did, we would come to know our Savior better than ever before. So... I have made that my daily scripture study plan! I study the Jesus scriptures from the topical guide! His promise really does prove true. I have come to know Christ better than ever. There are sooooo many pages in the topical guide just about Christ! I hope I get through all of them by the end of my mission =)
Oh yeah! Also, we got new Kohai (missionaries in the Japanese area) this week! We got soooo many! Ten new branches! The work is going to TAKE OVER!!!!! I found out that on the day that I got to the MTC, one tenth of all the new arrivals were going to Japan! Isn't that crazy!? Heber J. Grant prophesied this- "I have an abiding faith that this is to be one of the most successful missions ever established in the church. It is going to be slow work at first, but the harvest is going to be something great and will astonish the world in years to come." He said that when he dedicated Japan for the work. He said that the prayer he said that day was the most powerful prayer he's ever offered in his life. The time has come! The time is now! So many people her ein the MTC have told us that the time for President Grant's prophesy is at hand! I am, so excited! I am going to help bring about the fulfillment of prophesy!
I got to help host some of the new missionaries this week. It was so wonderful. Seeing their bright spirits and how willing they are to serve just made me want to be better and better.
Oh- one more thing! This week I started teaching my lessons with NO NOTES! And... I also started reading Japanese scriptures out loud in my lessons, so that I don't have to ask the investigator to read them all! This in itself is a miracle. Japanese is sooo hard to read! Especially because we have to read it top to bottom, from right to left! Doing lessons this way is scary... All I go in with is my missionary planner and my Japanese scriptures! I can't help but think back to when Elder Richard G. Scott gave us an apostolic blessing that we would be able to MASTER our language. I have had to take a lot of things in faith- that being one of the biggest things I worry about... but it has definitely been a testament to be of the power of God. If God sends one of his 12 best wing men out to the MTC and tells him to bless us that we will be able to learn our language- it will happen! Hello- I'm learning Japanese!!!!!!!!! I still can't believe it sometimes... It keeps getting easier and easier...
I love being a missionary. Every day just gets better and better.
I love you all so much. Thank you for being there and for looking out for me =)
Your little mishie,
Roberts Shimai!

All of us & our badges 

Temple walks at the mtc! 

Some more of the shimaitachi =) 
The native Japanese all came and sang to us =)

 I am posing as Samuel Smith. I practice extending the baptismal invitation to him all the time... haha

Me messing around... like usual! 

Me being Pocahontas

Another ninja nametag switch 

This is seza extremu! 

seza extremu
My CRAAAAAZY schedule!


beautiful MTC flowers 

more beautiful MTC flowers 

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