Monday, June 24, 2013


So, this was my very first rain in Japan.  It rains all the time. When it rains here, it POURS. I ride around in a stupid looking snowman rainsuit! But I love the rain =)

So, you see the mountain on the far right covered by the tree? I hiked it today with one of our investigators- the Peruvian. 606 meters. So fun!!!

Me at the top of the mountain!
And now I'm eating seafood rice-balls, wrapped in seaweed! yum-yum!

We went cave exploring today too!

Instead of plastic-ware, they give out disposable chopsticks at convenience stores!... which is where I bought this cup of noodle! Yep... I haven't changed one bit. Still in Japan... eating my favorite food =)

I was forced to sing at the ward talent show =)

 There are SO many hydrangeas here. HUNDREDS! They're everywhere! There's pale pink, hot pink, china blue, purple, violet, lavender, cerulean, indigo, butter yellow... These ones are some of my favorite. 

My first encounter with a squat toilet.

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