Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hello everyone!

So, I'm back!
And I'm still alive!
I got in 2 bike accidents this week, and I'm pretty sure my left pinky in broken! Or my knuckle... or something! I'm quite a sight... My legs are so colorful with bruises and cuts! I'm like a work of art! Haha... last time I wrote about my bike troubles, I had yet to realize that the streets of Fukuoka are even crazier than I thought! I wonder if there are any driving laws here!? Bikes and people are always in the streets and sometimes the cars drive on the sidewalks! Hence, the 2 accidents... But don't worry! I'm ok! My hand is healing, and I have learned very quickly how to get around and not get killed! Man... it's like nothing else here... I feel like I'm on a different planet.
But out of this crazy experience has come so many miracles! For example, one day when I was missing my mom SO bad, I went and taught an investigator... I didn't expect much, but during the lesson, she really opened up to us. I could feel her reaching out to us. She shared her hardships with us, and we shared the gospel. We all became so close. It was such a blessing at the time, because I felt like I just needed a mommy. And even though it was us teaching her, I could feel her genuine love for us. Now we meet with her every day and I feel like I have adopted a new mother (of course no one will ever replace my wonderful mommy, but it's good to have someone who at least cares a little bit). She is a beautiful Peruvian woman. She speaks 5 languages (one of which is English!). Last week, we all decided to participate in the ward talent show, and she taught us Peruvian dancing! It was so wonderful. I think I'm becoming Peruvian!  
Another miracle- Yesterday, Andaca Shimai and I) were SO hungry! We haven't been able to go grocery shopping and had literally no food. So we went to church, and randomly this lady came up to us and gave us some food! When we went to the kitchen to eat it, I discovered it was rice and fish wrapped in seaweed... It took 5 minuted of laughing before I was able to try it, but as I was brave, and took a bite of seaweed, I discovered it was actually quite delicious! That was also a miracle...
One last miracle...
So, my companion is Filipino. So... she speaks Tagalog. She speaks English too though... Anyway, on that first day, when we were biking, when we got to the appointment, she informed me that we would be teaching the lesson in Tagalog because our investigator is also Filipino!.......What!?..... I freaked out. First of all... I'm in a country where I already don't understand anything that's going on. Secondly...Tagalog!? I had never even heard of that language before! When we went into the appointment, I was surprised to hear that Tagalog sounds like a mix between Chinese and Spanish! And surprisingly enough... I was able to understand more Tagalog than Japanese!!! Miracle!!!!! Sometimes I wonder what language they taught me in the MTC, because if I'm understanding Tagalog, but I still don't understand what people in the church are saying to me... something is backwards!
Japan is a mystery. Last week at church, some crazy lady came up to me and randomly started combing out the curls in my hair! I had an afro for the rest of the day!  Also, people yell at me a lot when I'm riding my bike. I'll hear people yell "gaiigin! gaiigin!!!" Which means, "foreigner, foreigner!" It's quite odd... People seem to be curious enough about me, but when we try to talk to them, no one really wants to hear about Jesus! All the sudden everyone becomes "Buddhist"... it's never really true though... 
Oh Japan... Sometimes i think I'm in paradise... and sometimes i am convinced I'm in purgatory... But I love it here anyway! 
But anyway... I'm off to the beach! We're going to study in the sand today! It's P-day and I've never felt more deserving of a break. We work hard over here in Japan...
Thanks for your love and support, everyone!
Roberts Shimai!

#Little American girl in the biiiiiiiiig asian city. 

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